Discover the first location of The Park in a former art gallery in the city center of Antwerp. We’re also present in Dok Noord in Ghent , in Park H in Hasselt, in Kortrijk and in the city center of Brussels. Our hosts are excited to welcome your group and will make you feel instantly at home while guiding you through the different experiences.


Move like a team in our Free Roam VR Area

Explore 200 m2 of free-roam virtual reality with a team of max. 8. Our hosts will make you feel at ease and suit you up for an unforgettable experience: a lightweight backpack, VR goggles and a futuristic weapon.


Watch others play at The Park Lounge

Take the time to enjoy your team’s results and replays on screen or enjoy front row seats to watch others have the time of their life. Our hosts are happy to serve your group wonderful food & drinks.


Experience the coolest games in our VR demo Area

Get indulged into the wonderful world of VR for about 30 minutes in our VR demo area. Painting or drawing in 3D, walking on a plank across skyscrapers or mastering the art of archery.