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How do I contact The Park?
About "The Park"
Reserving your visit
Reschedule/cancel a booking
Your visit at the Park: practical information
Big groups
Gift cards
A job as student or internship at The Park?
Is The Park still open?
  • We re-open in Belgium next Friday 28th of January. You can book your experience from this date. We look forward to welcome you again!

  • There is now a lockdown in the Netherlands. The Park Playground will temporarily close its doors until 25 January 2022. We're waiting for positive news to re-open again. We look forward to welcome you again as from January 26th.
  • What are the corona measures at the park?
    We’re doing everything we can to make your visit to The Park as safe as possible.
  • Everyone above the age of 10 is required to wear a mouth mask.

  • You are required to be able to show a Corona certificate if you’re above 16 years old. With this certificate, you prove that you are either vaccinated, have recovered from covid recently or have tested negative. This ensures that everyone's visit at The Park is as safe as possible.Your Corona certificate will be checked at your arrival at The Park. Visitors who can’t show a valid Corona certificate, unfortunately can’t be granted access.

  • Follow the basic guidelines: We ask all our guests to follow the guidelines, vaccinated or not. Stay home when you have symptoms, wash your hands regularly and try to keep a distance of 1,5 meters.
  • What security measures does The Park take?
    The Park wants to help fight the coronavirus. The equipment is regularly disinfected. For your comfort and safety, all our staff do wear a mouth mask.
    I don’t have a Corona certificate. What should I do with my tickets?
    Visiting The Park Playground is only possible with a Corona certificate. You aren't vaccinated or you don’t want to do a PCR-test, so you don’t have a Corona certificate? In this case, you can reschedule your tickets to another date without any costs.
    One (or more) persons can’t be present because they are infected with Covid or in quarantine. What now?
    You can reschedule your booking without any costs to a later date. Look at the next question to see how to do this. In the meantime, stay safe!
    Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation because of covid?
    Want to reschedule your booking? It is possible to reschedule your reserved booking up to 48 hours in advance of your booking. We will look at a new date or time with you. Rescheduling a booking within 48 hours isn’t possible.

    Want to cancel a booking? Tickets can be cancelled up to 48h in advance of your booking without costs. You’ll receive a voucher. In case of cancellation within 48 hours, a refund isn’t possible.
    How do I contact The Park?
    How do I contact The Park?
    Didn’t you find an answer in the FAQ? We’d love to help you with your questions.

    • Send us an e-mail:
      Send an e-mail to

    • Send a message through Messenger:
      Send a message onFacebook Messenger

    • Contact us by phone:
      When you have a question, you can reach us at 03 808 24 89 (Belgium) and +31 76 808 0561 (The Netherlands)
    • .

    LONGER WAITING TIMES!At the moment, we receive a lot of emails and calls about covid, because of this, the waiting time for an answer could be longer.
    About "The Park"
    What is Virtual Reality?
    Virtual reality is a computer-simulated reality viewable through special VR goggles. It replicates an environment that simulates the physical presence of places in the real world or of an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that environment. For example, it is possible to explore and manipulate your environment. VR is the future of gaming and entertainment. It completely immerses the user in the environment, blurring the lines between realities. Once you put on the goggles, you, as an avatar, are in the middle of the game's setting. You see the other players moving next to you, and you can talk and interact with them during the game. There’s a constant interaction between the physical world and the digital visual content in the experienced environment.
    What can you experience at The Park?
    At The Park Playground, you get together as a group and go on an adventure in a lifelike virtual world. Our VR experiences are thé team experience of the 21st century, in which you escape from reality. Our locations offer 100m2 free-roam VR experiences. This means you can walk through the playing hall freely. After a VR introduction, you go on a mission together. Ready to step into a virtual world and explore the impossible?
    I’m not really into gaming. I'm not sure if The Park is my cup of tea.
    The Park offers entertainment for both young and old. Even for people that are not really into gaming, The Park will offer you a unique opportunity to discover virtual worlds in a really fun and entertaining way. You'll understand how it works in no time. Fun guaranteed for everyone!
    Reserving your visit
    Is it required to make a reservation?
    Yes, you can only reserve at The Park. Reserving your visit online is simple.
    How can I make a reservation?
    We work with a completely online booking system. Click here to reserve.

    How do you make a booking?
    • Step 1: Go to the ticketwebsite.
    • Step 2: Choose a location, VR-experience, the number of players, date and hour when you would like to visit The Park and click ‘confirm’
    • Step 3: Fill in your information to complete your reservation and click ‘check out’
    • Step 4: Your reservation was made. You’ll receive the reserved tickets and information in the mail
    How much does an experience at The Park cost?
    The prices depends on the experience you choose:

      € 34,99 per person:
      for experiences The Hallow, Nanoclash, The Heist of De Mol.

      € 25 per person:
    • K3 in VR experience: Book K3 in VR for €25. Book during the week and pay only € 17,50 (zie with the family promotion).
    • With theMonday blues actionyou only pay €25 on Monday and Tuesday. Select Monday or Tuesday when booking, and the price will drop automatically.

    • Promotions
      We regularly do amazing promotions. Don’t forget to take a look at our promotions page for a good deal.
    What are The Park’s opening hours?
      The Netherlands
    • Monday: 10u00-17u00
    • Tuesday: 10u00-17u00
    • Wednesday: 10u00-17u00
    • Thursday: 10u00-17u00
    • Friday: 10u00-17u00
    • Saturday: 10u00-17u00
    • Sunday: 10u00-17u00
  • Monday: 10u00-22u00
  • Tuesday: 10u00-22u00
  • Wednesday: 10u00-22u00
  • Thursday: 10u00-22u00
  • Friday: 10u00-22u00
  • Saturday: 10u00-22u00
  • Sunday: 10u00-22u00
  • What is the minimum age to play?
  • The minimum age is set to 12 years and older. Age is not strictly considered. The images may be too violent, backpacks may be too heavy, and the headsets might not fit. You as a parent are the best judge of whether the experiences are appropriate for your child. Under the age of 16? We will ask for you to be accompanied by an adult.

  • The minimum age for the K3 experience is set to 7 years and older. The minimum age for the K3 game is strict. During the game you will solve puzzles, drum to the beat of the music and walk over lava. You think your child is too young for this? As a parent, you’re the best judge whether your child is ready for it or not. For children, we always ask the supervision of one or more adults. We do not recommend the game for children under the age of 7. Often they find it scary and have difficulties understanding that the world is not real.
  • How many players can play at the same time?
    The maximum number of players depends on the VR-experience that you book.
  • The Hallow: Minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 persons per playfield.
  • The Heist: Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 persons per playfield.
  • De Mol: Minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 persons per playfield.
  • K3 in VR: Minimum of 4 and maximum 6 persons per playfield.
  • Nanoclash: Minimum of 8 en maximum of 16 persons per gamel. The group is split up in 2 teams to fight against each other over 2 playing fields.

  • *Please note that the number of players can be different for every location.
    Reschedule/cancel a booking
    Is it possible to reschedule or cancel my booking?
    Want to reschedule your booking?
    It is possible to reschedule your reserved booking up to 48 hours in advance of your booking. We will look at a new date or time with you. Rescheduling a booking within 48 hours isn’t possible.

    Want to cancel a booking?
    Tickets can be cancelled up to two weeks in advance of your booking without costs. You’ll receive a voucher. In case of cancellation within 48 hours, a refund isn’t possible.
    Your visit at the Park: practical information
    At what time should we arrive?
    You can find the starting time of your booked VR experience in the confirmation field. Make sure you’re present 10 minutes before the starting time, so you won’t lose any playing time.
    What is The Park’s exact address?
    The Park has multiple venues in Belgium and The Netherlands. More information about the location near you can be found href="">here:

    • Den Haag: Binckhorstlaan 305, 2516 BC The Hague.
    • Eindhoven: Kastanjelaan 1 B, 5616 LH Eindhoven.
    • Breda: Keizerstraat 1, 4811 HL Breda.
    • Landgraaf (SnowWorld): Witte Wereld 1, 6372 VG Landgraaf..

      • BELGIUM
      • Antwerpen: Vlaamse Kaai 30, 2000 Antwerp.
      • Gent: Dok-Noord 7, 9000 Ghent.
      • Hasselt: Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70, 3500 Hasselt.
      • Kortrijk: Stasegemsesteenweg 72, 8530 Kortrijk.
      • Brussels: Anspachlaan 24, 1000 Brussels.
      • De vestiging is bereikbaar via het Anspach Shopping Center. Na 19u of op zondag is de venue bereikbaar via de Bisschopsstraat.
    How do I get to the venue? Where can I park my car?
    This is different for any venue. Are you coming by bicycle, public transport or by car? All of it is possible! More information about accessibility can be found on the location page.
    What can I expect from my 60 minutes at The Park?
    Your experience at The Park will last about 60 minutes. A booking consists of 30 minutes of mini-games and a 30 minute free roam VR experience of choice
    With bigger groups, the total time will be about 90 to 120 minutes. This is because there will be switches between mini-games and VR experiences. With this pass-through system, no one has to keep waiting until it’s their turn.
    Can I keep my glasses on during the game?
    If the frame of your glasses is smaller than 142mm wide and 50mm high, it will fit in our VR hardware. However: we do advise you to wear contact lenses or take off your glasses if possible.
    Do I have to wear special clothing?
    Special clothing isn’t necessary, we advise you to wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely. Tip, take off your sweater before you start the game, it can be quite warm.
    Are there any (physical) requirements to be able to participate?
    You have to be able to walk around with a backpack and use your 2 hands the entire duration of the game. For this reason, our game isn’t wheelchair friendly at this moment. We do not recommend the game for pregnant women or people who have a serious heart condition or epilepsy. Are you not sure if you can participate? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Will I see my teammates during the game?
    Yes you will. Their digital version actually. They will see your avatar too.
    How heavy is the backpack during the VR experience?
    The weight of the backpack is about 4 kilogram. For a normal adult or a child above the age of 12, wearing the backpack during the experience shouldn’t be a problem.
    Won’t I get dizzy from wearing VR goggles?
    The VR hardware at The Park is designed in a way that it avoids dizziness and other unpleasant VR-feelings as much as possible. But if for a reason you don’t feel well, our hosts are trained to help you.
    Won’t I walk against a wall or obstacle during the game?
    During the game, you see the game through a virtual playing field. If you’re approaching a wall or an obstacle, you’ll get a clear warning. You only have to follow the instructions to enjoy the virtual world without worries.
    How big is the playing field?
    The playing field is about 100 square meters in which you can move freely. In the game it’ll feel much bigger.
    Can you follow the game when you’re not playing?
    Absolutely! From the lounge you can watch the game on a big screen. Always nice to see your friends, family or colleagues in action.
    Can I take pictures/make video's during and after the game?
    Yes! During the game the friends, family or colleagues who are not playing can take pictures or make video's of you in action. They can follow everything on a large screen. You can't take pictures yourself during the game because of the hardware you'll be wearing.
    Can other players join my game?
    You play the experience with your own group. Games should be played in complete teams to guarantee the best experience. But no, no other people will join to complete your team.
    Big groups
    Can I host a party, team building or event at The Park?
    Yes! We like to think along with you. Fill out this form and let us know your wishes. We will inform you with a proposal.
    Can we arrange a customized offer?
    Ofcourse! Work together as a team or compete against each other. We work with various customized arrangements, discuss your wishes and look at the possibilities together. Request a customized quote via our grouppage.
    Is it possible to play all at the same time with a large group?
    For large groups, we would love to look at the possibilities together to make a customized proposal for you. A booking consists of mini games and a 30 minute free roam VR experience of your choice. The group will be split up into different smaller groups. We'll work with a pass-through system. The different groups switch between VR mini games and the free roam VR experience. This way you don't have to wait until it's your turn.
    Gift cards
    Can I give a VR experience as a gift?
    Yes! Give something unique, give a The Park gift card. Nice to receive and to give. Surprise your colleagues with a unique VR-experience at The Park Playground. Escape reality, safe and covidproof! Give the gift card as an activity to experience with friends or family, or give the gift card to all your staff members to go on a teambuilding, as soon as it’s possible!
    Can I give a gift card as a business gift for staff members?
    Year-end gifts are fiscally encouraged. With a purchase price which is less than €40, they are 100% tax-deductible!
    Where can I purchase a gift card?
    Gift cards are easily ordered online via our giftcard page. Determine an amount and write a personal message. The receiver can pick a VR-experience of choice. You immediately receive a pdf with the gift card code. Mail your colleagues the gift card or print it out and give it as a gift during the holidays.
    How long is the gift card valid?
    The gift card is valid for 1 year after purchase.
    A job as student or internship at The Park?
    Can I work as a student at The Park?
    Looking for a students job? As a student you might want to earn some money. Click here to see our job offers.
    What is the minimum age to work at The Park?
    You have to be 18 years or older to work at The Park
    What is expected from me if I want to work at The Park?
    We’re looking for flexible and enthusiastic students who want to work during the week as well as on the weekends.
    Can I do an internship at The Park?
    Absolutely! We’re always looking for enthusiastic and motivated students who want to do an internship. We’re offering a nice atmosphere and a young team where you can learn a lot. Got interested? Send a mail with your CV, motivation and what kind of internship you would like to do to
    I’m interested in establishing a partnership with The Park. What can I do?
    We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm! Please contact us via or via our contact page
    Can I rent The Park’s technology and take it home/on location?
    The games we offer can only be played at our location. But we love a challenge. Are you a company or event organiser and looking to use VR at your event? Please contact us via ​or via our contact page
    I have an idea that I’d love to share with you! Who do I tell?
    Great! Please contact us via ​or via our contact page
    pop-up corona update
    pop-up corona update
    Buy your tickets now! We re-open Friday 28th of January in Belgium and January 26th in The Netherlands. See you soon!