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De winnaar ontvangt op 20 April een e-mail of een telefoontje van ons.


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Our VR experiences

Go on a virtual adventure with your friends, family or colleagues. Ready to write your own story? Explore 300 m2 of free-roam virtual reality and complete a challenging mission. Find out who’s sabotaging your mission in New Zealand, hunt for zombies in The Hallow or free K3 from the pyramid in Egypt. Choose your experience and book your tickets as a group. Are you ready to step into a virtual world and explore the impossible?

The Hallow

In the 19th century, strange stuff happened from time to time. Together with your team, you're on the look out for the abnormal. Guided by a mysterious magician, what will you all encounter?

The Hallow

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De Mol

This time we're taking our journey to New Zealand. Across the beautiful landscapes the search for De Mol starts. Along the way you and your friends have to win the challenges presented to you. This is the only way to earn money. But you have to keep an eye on your team mates as one of them will sabotage the groups efforts.

The Heist

A little town is shocked by a bank robbery gone out of hand. For a whole day, an exceptionally exciting cat-and-mouse game unfolds between the police and hostagetakers. A SWAT team is dispatched to keep everything under control and breach the bank doors. What will you encounter behind those high walls? ATTENTION! The game language is only available in Dutch.

The Heist

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Welcome to 2121! The enormous technology rush has continued, with all its consequences. Cars are flying around and robots are doing everything they can to take over the city. A bitter battle between man and machine erupts, with a bomb literally about to explode! Choose your side and play against each other! Who will win?


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Discover the beauty of Egypt in virtual reality, just like K3 in their latest movie and album "Dance of the Pharaoh". During your journey in Egypt you will have to complete all kinds of adventures if you want to get to K3. Try to complete as quickly as possible! Play K3 in VR - Pyramid of Love, together with your family and friends. Will you be the one team to free K3 from the pyramid? (Game language: Dutch)

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